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Welcome to the Phthalo Blue information (and disinformation) clearinghouse. Phthalo Blue is currently performing in the Omaha Area. See below for specific dates and venues.


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Reynold: A big rubber lizard

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A Few Words About...

Phthalo Blue

Besides being a really fun band, phthalo blue is a color of paint. It is a deep, highly saturated shade of blue commonly used in oil painting. One might think that it is the band's favorite color, but in reality they just liked the words. Tob was particularly inspired one day whilst watching the late Bob Ross's television show The Joy of Painting when phthalo blue was one of the featured colors. To quote Doug, "If Bob Ross likes it, we like it too."

The word "Phthalo" is prounounced with the "Ph" silent: THAY low. "Blue" is pronounced with the 'e' silent: BLOO (but you knew that one already). Phthalo Blue - a band, a color, a state of mind.

Phthalo Blue is an unusual musical ensemble consisting of Tob Wood (keyboards and miscellaneous instruments), Doug Deden (keyboards and percussion), and Reynold (everything else). The music of Phthalo Blue is a completely original amalgamation of many different styles including, but not limited to, 80's style Euro Pop, New Age, Industrial, and various Asian flavors. As incongruous as this may seem, everything comes together as a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

A technology-oriented band, Phthalo Blue uses a wide variety of synthesizers and controllers in some rather unconventional ways to create their unique sound. However, the use of traditional ethnic instruments, from bouzouki to bamboo flute, complements the high-tech sound and completes the audioscape. This anomalous juxtaposition is a defining characteristic of the Phthalo Blue sound.

This week's featured wombat:


Daggy the Shopping

Upcoming Showings:

Summer and fall appearances are now being scheduled. Make your suggestions now!

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What's a Rizzuto?

A: an Italian dessert

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Who is Jake Rizzuto?

A: a Hall of Fame Baseball player

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