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Okay, here's the deal; We will have a new tape soon! Best ETA as of now is Aug 24ish depending on the shipping strike, media availability, me getting the art together, etc. This tape, tentativly titled "Difficulty Concentrating", will consist of approx 22 minutes of music as four songs: Fifty-Nine, Petrified Amber, Macy's L-1011, and Umtaka. "Difficulty Concentrating" will be available for a small donation at our shows, or by other arrangement; email for details, you might be on the freebie list anyway. AND...if I'm feelin' really kooky, we might throw in a PREMIUM! Need to come up with some fun ideas for Halloween, being as we will be playing Borders Books and Music that night. I need a costume. Well, I think it's about time to head out. We have to go to a party at Liquid's house. Scott (aka Scotty, Scotto) and Grant (aka G, Buddy, Buddy G) decided to have a little soiree, so off we are. I leave you with a Cool Photo Of LIQUID



We spent the morning of Sunday August 10th eating bagels at Ware House Productions whilst recording a few songs that will eventually be our 'Kiwi Cream Soda' EP. We totally rocked and Jim Homan captured it all digitally to tape. I personally am very pleased with the result; you will be too. I took a great picture of Doug laying down a fat backbeat during Macy's, and he later snapped a pic of what some people could construe as me screwing up a guitar take. And here's a totally unrelated thought: we need a logo. I need to make a logo. Anyway, be on the lookout for our new tape; email for more info.


I pushed the "applause" light button!


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