Phthalo Blue Set Pool

(These are the songs we build sets from, in no particular order)


A current favorite using North African rhythms and vocalisations as an underlying "glue" to hold everything else together. Fun to play, and Doug likes the bridge because he can rest and not feel bad about it.


This song just fell together whilst jamming. The call and repeat (or 'call and return' as we call it) device carries the melodic content. Grooves along with some musical sleight of hand.

Macy's L-1011

One of our first, and still great. Bulked it up from the original. Basically a piece about a guy losing his mind in a Department Store and trying to escape society, only to find out one cannot. Ambient; spooky.


Another early ambient excursion, but with Doug on vocals! This is also some kind of political statement, but ambiguous. Always looking for wacky effects patches for this.

Frog Symphonie

EVERYBODY LOVES THIS ONE. I don't know why; frogs and flute, completely improvisational every time. Classic!

Newton's Pomegranate

A funny disco exercise named such because it reminded me of a Kraftwerk tune that was used for a PBS science show called "Newton's Apple".

Pika's Dream

This song is a counterpoint nightmare but being slow and mellow helps it not get yucky. Sampled the opening and pouring of a can of soda and used it as a flag coming out of the bridge. Yeah, I know it's blatant, but you sure don't see it coming.

Sioux Me

A lawsuit waiting to happen. Great song; could use some lyrics to broaden the variations on the bridge. Too drawn out maybe.

Phtheme from Phthalo Blue

A little ditty to tranny load times. Got a dark groove.


For all of your Gothic needs! Here's a lovely tune crafted for the deepest depressions of your soul. The Latin singing translates "He who places all his hope in the Virgin shall enjoy her good protection". This is not a socio-religious political statement, nor does it reflect the personal beliefs of any member of Phthalo Blue. It's just music.

Mad Scientist Theme

This is a technofest originally used as the theme music for a character in a stage adaptation of the Ed Wood film "Glen or Glenda". We'll do anything to get our name in print.

Space Piano Concerto

TSIA, and no, I am not B1FF!!!! ! !!!!!! !!!!!!!

Oil of Nutmeg

Cool hard driver. Originally written as the score to a scene in an original play by Scott Working for the Shelterbelt Theatre, the scene was cut ONE WEEK before opening. Their loss; made it into a techno hit and everybody grooooooves hard on it.

Petrified Amber

This is an intentionally SAPPY pop tune about my very real love for an (ALMOST) underage girl. It's conflict of guilt and lust triggering remorse and depression. Meet Amber Amelia and Morty.
Amber Amelia and Morty

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